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  • kollektivtransport-colourbox6798769-300pxl Communication and industrial development

    Public transport encompasses a variety of different research questions that relate to several academic disciplines. The Institute of Transport Economics (TØI) wishes to draw attention to public transport as an interesting research area for students.

  • colourbox_sample2394736 Innovation and organization in a changing media landscape

    News organizations in Norway and internationally are increasingly focused on innovating their news products, yet they struggle to keep a steady income and are continually forced to cut in expenditures and human resources. Based on field studies and action research in three Norwegian newspapers, the research project “OMEN: Organizing for Media Innovation” investigates how established media organizations deal with the need for innovation in an increasingly digitalized world.

  • fni-global200 International environmental, energy and resource management policy

    Fridtjof Nansen Institute (FNI) specializes in research on international environmental, energy and resource management politics and is interested in getting in touch with Masters' students writing their theisis whithin the institute's focus areas.

  • kobilde-colourbox536318x300pxl Land-use and transport planning

    Land-use and transport planning is a research field that encompasses a variety of important issues. The Institute of Transport Economics (TØI) wishes to draw interested students’ attention to this Field.

  • jernbanetorget-300pxl Norwegian Immigration Policy

    The responsibilities of the Ministry of Justice and Public Security (MJPS) include design and implementation of Norwegian immigration policy. Relevant topics in this field are issues related to migration flows, the effects of immigration on social development in Norway, asylum reception centres and repatriation of persons with no legal residence, as well as investigation of the effects of various interventions in this field.