Land-use and transport planning

Land-use and transport planning is a research field that encompasses a variety of important issues. The Institute of Transport Economics (TØI) wishes to draw interested students’ attention to this Field.


All transport is based on the fact that things have a spatial location. The volume of transport will depend to a great extent on the location pattern. Land-use and transport planning is a research field that encompasses a variety of important issues. Examples include:

  • Why is the car traffic volume not decreasing, in spite of repeated political decisions calling for future growth in traffic to come in the form of public transport, walking and cycling?
  • How should cities be developed to become climate-friendly and attractive?
  • How are planning and decision-making processes contributing to current developments?
  • Do restrictive measures have a problem of legitimacy?
  • What is the role of local centres with regard to the well-being and environment of cities?

Many other questions are also worth studying!

The research field Planning, Land Use and Public Transport at the Institute of Transport Economics conducts research in topics such as land-use and transport planning and a number of other adjacent topics. We are interested in establishing contact with students who wish to write their master’s theses on one of “our” topics.

Our goal is to draw attention to land-use and transport planning as an interesting research field for students.

TØI can offer good access to several databases, such as travel surveys, co-supervisors according to capacity, a wide-ranging contact network in public transport enterprises that could be useful for interviews, as well as office space for up to five students.

Land-use and transport planning is being studied from various angles and by several different academic disciplines. Subjects such as planning, social geography, social economics, sociology and political science may be of interest.

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Published Oct. 14, 2013 1:23 PM - Last modified Oct. 15, 2013 9:23 AM