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Portable CV

PortableCV allows job-seekers to reuse online CV information provided in one recruiting system in all other systems supporting this feature.

Which recruitment systems support portableCV?

Currently, the following providers of online recruiting systems have a certified solution for import and export of CV information according to the portableCV standard:

* Certain applications have been delivered with customized functions to satisfy special customer needs. This implies that certain companies/organisations that use recruiting systems marked with * don't offer the portableCV export function.

What information is transferred by portableCV?

By using the portableCV feature you will transfer the following information from one recruiting system to another recruiting system, provided both systems support the portableCV feature:

  • Personal details
  • Education and experience
  • Attachments

How do you use portableCV?

  1. Register your CV
    • Register your CV information in a recruiting system supporting portableCV.
    • If you already have registered your CV in a job-seeker account supporting portableCV, you may export the information from there.
  2. Download the CV to your computer
    • Log in to the system where you have registered the CV information you wish to re-use.
    • Click the button portableCV export and follow the instructions to download the CV to your computer.
    • Note: The CV is downloaded in the file format HR-XML. No other file formats can be used when downloading or uploading files with the portableCV application.
  3. Upload the CV to the recruiting system you currently are applying on
    • Log into the recruiting system for the current job application by followimg the link Send application on the announcement of the position you are applying for. You find the announcement listed on the vacancy overview.
    • Click the button portableCV import and follow the instructions to upload the CV from your computer.
    • The CV information that can be reused is automatically inserted into the appropriate fields. Check all the fields and make the desired changes.
  4. Complete the current application
    • Fill in the application text for the position you are applying for and any other required fields.
    • Upload any required additional attachments.
    • Check the entrire application carefully before clicking the Send Application button.
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