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Parking at the University of Oslo

Parking is only permitted in marked parking spaces, and with a valid parking permit.  Parking inside the area delimited by the campus barriers is not permitted.

Parking space is scarce at all UiO Campuses. Therefore, UiO encourages visitors, students, and employees to use public transport to get to UiO.

Map of parking spaces at Blindern. A=parking for employees with the A parking sticker (A-oblat). S=parking for students with the S parking sticker (S-oblat). There are also some reserveds parking spaces marked R. These spaces are for visitors and for employees granted the R parking sticker.

Parking permits

  • To park at the University, you need to have a valid parking sticker, parking card, or a ticket from a parking meter attached to your front windscreen.
  • The permit is issued to the vehicle. The vehicle can only have one kind of permit (sticker or card).
  • If you park at the University's parking spaces without a valid parking permit or ticket between 0800 AM and 1600 PM on week days, you may get fined. Read the University's Parking Regulations


As a registered student you are entitled to the S-sticker ("S-oblat"), and are allowed to park at the parking spaces marked with the letter S.

  • Parking stickers for students (S-sticker) are handed out at the SiO Center in Blindern, Kristian Ottosens hus (in the Akademika bookshop building).
  • The sticker is valid one year. You need to replace your sticker within the 15th of February in the new year.


  • Visitors can get a parking permit for short visits, the B-card. The B-cards are issued by the unit receiving the visitor upon request. The location and duration of the visit is specified on the card, maximum duration is 1 week. The card must be attached to the windscreen, clearly visible.
  • Vehicles carrying B-permits may park in parking spaces marked with A, R and S.
  • Short-term visitors can also park in metered parking spaces.

Contractors, service companies etc.

  • Entrepreneurs and contractors may contact Mail Services and Printing (Bud- og reprosentralen) at the ground floor of Lucy Smith's Hus or the Estate Department's Service Center, to get the E-permit.
  • Vehicles with E-permits may park in parking spaces marked with A, R and S.


Spaces with parking meters

  • In the student parking lot at Blindern campus, there are 26 spaces with parking meters.
  • There are spaces with parking meters on the parking lot at The Vikingship Museum in Bygdøy.

City bike stations

  • City bike stations are located on Blindern, downtown and on Tøyen, in addition to many other locations in Oslo.

Delivery of goods

  • Short stops to deliver and pick up goods and to drop off or pick up persons are permitted where specified by traffic signs

Parking for the physically disabled

Parking spaces for the physically disabled are marked with the handicap symbol and can be used by vehicles who have a municipal handicap parking permit.

Parking at the Natural History Museum

UiO has declared the Botanical Garden to be a pedestrian area to protect everyone traveling on foot in the garden. All driving and parking in the garden is therefore generally prohibited.

Staff, students, guests, contractors, service companies etc. with a valid parking permit may use UiO parking spaces right outside the garden in Sofienberggata (50 spaces) and Monrads gate (20 spaces). Visitors without a parking permit find a public parking lot between the Munch Museum and the Botanical Garden with entry from Monrads gate. Read more about access to the Natural History Museum.


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