The gender divide in the age of equal opportunities

The first lady of Iceland Eliza Reid visits UiO to discuss the gendered workplace of 2017. Mímir Kristjánsson, news editor of Klassekampen, moderates the debate.

Women currently outnumber men graduating from university. Nevertheless, this is not the case in academic and corporate leadership positions. What consequences does this divide have for the modern workplace? Does it reinforce rather than break gender stereotypes? What are women's jobs and men's jobs in 2017? Is a gendered workplace a problem at all?

Her Majesty Queen Sonja will be present at the event. The audience must be seated by 11.45.


by Pro-Rector Ragnhild Hennum

I dare, I can, I will

First lady Eliza Reid on the challenges and victories of gender equality in the Icelandic workplace.

Panel discussion

Moderator: Mímir Kristjánsson, news editor of Klassekampen.

  • Eliza Reid, first lady of Iceland
  • Anne-Jorunn Berg, Professor and Director, Centre for Gender Research
  • Ragnhildur Helgadóttir, Dean, School of Law, Reykjavik University

About the panelists

Eliza Jean Reid was born in Ottawa, Canada. She holds an Honours BA degree in International relations from Trinity College, University of Toronto, and a Master of Studies degree in modern history from St. Antony's College, Oxford University. Ms. Reid is co-founder of Iceland Writers Retreat. Prior to becoming the first lady of Iceland, she worked as a journalist and as a marketing specialist.

Anne-Jorunn Berg is a interdisciplinary scholar working with both gender studies and science and technology studies.  She got her dr.polit.title with the dissertation thesis «Digital Feminism» in 1996.

Ragnhildur Helgadóttir is professor of constitutional law and legal history. She has written on the protection of equality in Icelandic law as well as the desirability of gender balance on courts.



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