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This first meeting of the mentor/mentee pairs will focus on establishing a mutual understanding and a common approach to the learning process of the programme.


09:00 - 16:00  Kick-off

  • Introduction to the mentoring programme - framework and ground rules
  • Mutual clarification of expectations in relation to expected results
  • Insights into the dynamics of mentoring relationships
  • The potential for learning and challenge of each match
  • Presentation of the pairs
The last hour of the program  will be reserved for the first meeting between mentor and mentee

During the Kick-off part of the programme we will be using the following tools:

  • Mentor+Game presenting the many roles of the mentor to clarify expectations and gain new understanding of mentoring
  • Diversity Icebreaker creating a learning process around differences and preparing all mentors and mentees for their match - with the understanding that any match provides a unique opportunity for learning


A few weeks prior to the event, mentors and mentees enlisted in the programme will receive an invitation to this event in Outlook. By accepting the invitation in Outlook, you register for the event.


Contact Equality Adviser Hege Elisabeth Løvbak.

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