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Common seminar for mentees and mentors


  • Provide new inspiration and new tools for further development in the mentoring relationship
  • Ensure that the relationship and mentoring process is working well


09:00 - 16:00


The programme will include the following contents:

  • Networking, sharing experiences and learning from each other
  • Learning about differences and communication/collaboration preferences and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of differences styles
  • Applying this learning to teamwork and collaboration in academia – at UiO
  • Identifying cognitive biases that you experience at UiO
    Please read this one-pager: 20 cognitive biases
  • Cognitive biases and ethics – and the ethical mentor


A few weeks prior to the event, mentees and mentors enlisted in the programme will receive an invitation to this event in Outlook. By accepting the invitation in Outlook, you register for the event.


Contact Equality Adviser Hege Elisabeth Løvbak.

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