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Workshop for mentees

Mentees are invited to a seminar that will present useful tools and offer an opportunity to ensure that benefits are gained from the programme.


The programme will be finalized shortly before the seminar date to tailor it according to the participants' needs.

Relevant topics:

  • Mentor+Game - to better see and understand the opportunities of learning together with mentor
  • Career navigation
  • Networking and politics at work
  • Influencing skills and developing alliances
  • Visibility and communication - “elevator speech”
  • Exchange of experiences


At the end of the seminar, a luncheon will be held for mentees and mentors from 12.30 - 13.30.


A few weeks prior to the event, mentees enlisted in the programme will receive an invitation to this event in Outlook. By accepting the invitation in Outlook, you register for the event.


Contact Equality Adviser Hege Elisabeth Løvbak.

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