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External work

All employees at UiO are obliged to report external work and ownership interests.


‘External work’ is understood as meaning work that is carried out and offices that are held in addition to the ordinary university position, irrespective of whether they are subject to remuneration or not. Work carried out through an enterprise or company that is wholly or partly owned by the employee is also regarded as external activity.


External work constitutes a positive contribution to the effective use of the human resources and infrastructure at the disposal of the university. External work may be a source of academic development for the individual, enhance the image and standing of the university, permit rational utilization of equipment, and provide an incentive for the personnel.


Weighing against these positive aspects are a number of factors that make it necessary to regulate the right of the personnel to engage in external work: a scope of activity that detracts from the employee’s ability to carry out the tasks associated with his or her position, and activities that undermine trust, entail costs for the university, or represent competing activities.

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Obligation to report

All employees at UiO are obliged to report external work and ownership interests through UiO's electronic external work register.

Administration and approval

Approvers and administrators of external work use the external work register to look up records by searching on place codes or persons, and for generating reports and statistics.

Part-time positions (Adjunct Professor)

As primary employer, UiO can give an officer the right to take on extra work and to hold a 20% secondary position as Adjunct Professor at another institution, as part of its collaboration with other universities and university colleges, research institutions or other partners. See Rules for appointments to professorships and associate professorships.

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