Registration with Norwegian authorities

Upon arrival in Norway, foreigners need to register with several local authorities within set deadlines.

Service Centre for Foreign Workers

The Service Centre for Foreign Workers (, map (, allows foreign workers to complete all official registration at a single office in an efficient and timely manner.

Authorities represented at the Centre:

  • Police (Politiet)
  • Directorate of Immigration (Utlendingsdirektoratet, UDI)
  • Tax Administration (Skatteetaten)
  • Labour Inspection Authority (Arbeidstilsynet)

The Centre serves:

  • EU/EEA nationals whose main purpose of staying in Norway is employment, and their family members
  • Non-EU/EEA nationals who apply for/have been granted a residence permit as skilled worker ( (e.g. employed researchers) (, and their family members
  • Employers of both categories

Note: Those who fall outside the scope of the Service Centre, e.g. students and self-financed guest researchers / PhD candidates, must contact the authorities at the regular contact points, cf. below.

The Centre offers a fast track handling of:

  • First-time work and residence permits
  • Renewal of work and residence permits (can also be applied for by mail)
  • Tax deduction cards
  • D-number (a registration number for foreign nationals in Norway not registered as immigrants with the National Registry, cf. below)
  • Notification of immigration or change of address to the National Registry, including assignment of a personal identity number (cf. below)

Case processing time:

  • If the applications are correctly filled in and accompanied by all required documentation, the Centre guarantees a reply within five working days.
  • If you are notifying on immigration to the Population Register, which implies application for a national identity number, the case processing time is about two weeks.

For detailed information on the Centre's services, location and office hours, and instructions on what documentation to bring with you, please study the Service Centre's website ( carefully.

Registration with the police

Foreign nationals and accompanying family members who have applied for a residence/work permit through a Norwegian foreign service mission abroad (embassy, general consulate, consulate) ( must register in person at the local police station within seven days of arriving in Norway. Bring with you your passport and the letter of invitation/appointment from your host department at UiO.

Foreigners residing in Oslo register at Oslo Police District - Aliens Section (Oslo politidistrikt - Utlendingsavsnittet) or, if appropriate, at the Service Centre of Foreign Workers (

Registration with the local tax office

Notification of move to Norway from abroad

Application for tax deduction card


  • It is important that you give your local tax office the address at which you receive mail and that you notify the local tax office if you change your address.
  • If you return to your home country before you have received your tax return and/or tax settlement, it is important that you give your local tax office your residential address in your home country.
  • Tax-liable individuals staying in Norway for up to 183 days, may request an advance tax assessment from the local tax office.
  • Don't cancel your Norwegian bank account before your taxes have been settled as the tax office will use this account to transfer possible refunds.

National identity number or D-number

  • The application for a tax deduction card for foreign nationals acts as an application for a national identy number or a D-number if such a number has not been applied for earlier. The number is stated on your tax deduction card and is used to identify you to the authorities.  When you open a bank account in Norway, you must give this number to the bank. You must use the D-number or national identity number every time you come to Norway to work. You must also state the number when applying for a new tax deduction card.
  • A national identity number is usually issued to foreign nationals staying in Norway for more than six months.
  • A D-number is usually issued to foreign nationals staying in Norway for less than six months and to citizens of other Nordic countries who are not bringing their family to Norway. The number resembles the national identity number, but "4" is added to the first digit.
  • Applications for a national identity number or a D-number may also be sent directly to the National Registry. The form Notification to the National Registry of move to Norway from abroad RF-1401E (pdf) ( acts as an application.
  • The National Registry normally processes applications within two weeks.
  • Read more about Norwegian national ID numbers (

Mandatory tuberculosis test

  • Norwegian law requires that all foreign nationals who will be residing in Norway more than three months must have a chest X-ray and a tuberculin sample taken within two weeks after arrival. This is a must for all, except for researchers from Western Europe, Poland, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.
  • This examination is done at Oslo University Hospital Ullevål ( (Norwegian), Division of Lung Diseases. Make an appointment by calling 22 11 99 30 (08:00-15:00). It is important that you keep your appointment and report to Diagnosestasjonen , House no. 19, first floor, X-ray Department, map, on time. Remember to bring your passport. You will receive a card as proof that you have had your check-up.


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