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Information channels

Responsibility for information

  • Information is a line management and leader responsibility. Your leader is responsible for arranging the internal flow of information where you work. The leader is also responsible for external information and dissemination with respect to the unit’s field.
  • UiO’s Student Information and Communications Office has editorial responsibility for the UiO website and several key publications. It provides advice and guidance to leaders and others who have major tasks related to the dissemination of information.

Electronic information

  • The University’s website is of course our basic internal source of information. It is one of the largest websites in Norway, in terms of both the amount of information and the number of daily visitors.
  • E-mail lists, RSS (electronic news feeds) and blogs are widespread internal information channels at UiO. Various groups and units make use of e-mail lists, RSS and blogs to spread and exchange information. Contact the study and administrative persons at your unit to find out about the electronic information channels which may be relevant to you and how you can subscribe to them.
  • As an employee, Ph.D. candidate or guest lecturer staying at UiO, you will be issued with an IT user account that will give you an e-mail address and access to the Internet. Contact your local IT support for assistance and information.


  • The four most important institution-wide publications at UiO are:

    UiO’s internal newspaper and appears both on paper and on the web. The editors are administratively linked to the Communications Department, although the newspaper is edited according to the Editor Decree and the 'Be Careful' Decree. Paper editions appear bi-weekly during the semester, while the web edition ( (Norwegian) publishes articles as they appear.

    Our rector is a industrious and popular blogger. Keep up-to-date with what the top univeristy leader is concerned with!

    UiO’s popular science research publication and has as its target group university employees, students and external readers. The paper edition appears four times a year; the web edition ( (Norwegian) is regularly updated.

    The students publish the weekly newspaper Universitas, which is available free of charge at newspaper stands on the campus. Universitas also has a web edition ( (Norwegian).
  • General university news are published on the UiO homepage and more staff specific news on the For employees homepage. If you have a basic command of Norwegian you might also enjoy following the Rector's blogg (Norwegian).
  • Several faculties and institutes have their own internal newspapers.
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