At UiO, we clean using modern and environmentally friendly methods. We encourage all employees to keep their offices tidy!

How often do we clean?

  • The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of building and the extent to which it is used.
  • Offices are generally cleaned once a week. Washrooms, changing rooms and eating areas are cleaned daily.
  • You can consult the cleaning plan to find out when we clean your workplace. The cleaning plan is posted on all floors, near the lift or on the notice board. You can also see the cleaning plan by clicking on the relevant building here.
  • We predominantly clean during the day.
  • During holidays, the frequency of cleaning and garbage disposal may be reduced.

Daily cleaning:

  • Cleaning of unobstructed floor areas
  • Dusting of unobstructed surfaces of tables, windowsills, computers and shelves
  • Wiping of tables in meeting rooms and eating areas with a wet cloth

Periodic cleaning:

  • Window washing: Once a year
  • Curtain washing/dry cleaning: Approximately every four years
  • Hoovering/dry cleaning of furniture once a year (does not apply to private carpets)
  • Thorough cleaning of bathrooms, changing rooms, showers and the canteen kitchen: Once a year
  • Maintenance of oiled wood floors: As necessary

The cleaners also:

  • Empty garbage cans: In common areas, bathrooms and kitchens every day that cleaning takes place. Once a week in offices
  • Refill toilet paper, paper towels and soap in bathrooms
  • Wipe boards and tables in seminar rooms and auditoriums

Each employee is responsible for emptying their own paper recycling bins.

How do we clean?

  • UiO uses dry cleaning methods that use a minimum of chemicals
  • Our cleaning products are certified as meeting environmental standards
  • We use a dosage system that prevents excess use of cleaning products
  • We often use machines, which leads to better results and minimal wear on surfaces. They are also less labour-intensive

Who are the cleaners?

  • The Estate Department is responsible for all cleaning of University‚Äôs buildings.The Estate Department also cleans some rented premises.
  • UiO uses external businesses for 2/3 of the cleaning.
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