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Personal presentations for academic staff

At we aim to have informative and professional personal presentations.

Tests show that finding the right person, whether it is a student or member of staff, is one of the main concerns for many of our website's visitors: students, potential employees, media, business, authorities, interest organisations, research institutions and our own employees.

How to set instruction texts to English

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page or folder you want to edit.
  • In the "logg inn" (or "administrer dette dokumentet") field, enter your UiO user name and password.
  • You are now in the editing interface. Scroll to the very bottom of the page and click "English"  to set instruction texts on all tabs into English

Creating a personal presentation

Note that if you can set the language to "English" in the content management programme Vortex by scrolling to the very bottom of the screen. There you may click "English" to set instruction texts on the tabs in the programme to English

  1. Go to the right folder, for departments and centres it is named "people/aca" in the English language context ("personer/vit" in the Norwegian language context).
  2. Choose the template "folder for person-academic" from the new folder dialogue box.
  3. Use the UiO user name of the person as your folder name. If the person does not have a UiO user name, you can make a short alias for the person.
  4. Go to the new folder and name it. Click the "rediger"-tab ("edit") to edit the folder title.The name should be the full name of the person. This is necessary for the person to be presented correctly in the navigation.
  5. Add a new document (click "nytt document" while in the folder with the person's name). Name the file index.html. Edit the personal profile itself. Fill in the different fields:

Contact information

The document can generate your contact information on the basis of your user name ("brukernavn"). If you do not wish for your contact information to be generated automatically, click "no" to the question "Bruk personopplysninger registrert i UiOs lønns- og personalsystem".

The template for personal presentations in English have English-language suggestions for headings and content in the text boxes. However, data from the personnel database SAP are not available in English. These data are generated into the presentation when you have added the person's UiO user name. English-language versions of job titles and addresses must be replaced manually.To override this information, click "nei" as your answer to the question if you want to use information from the personnel database SAP.

Image and caption

You are not required to use a photo of yourself. The picture, should you choose to have one, should be of a professional character. UiO should own the rights to the picture. It is a good idea to add a high-resolution version of the image for media use.


Start from the suggested headings and general set-up in the template. Remove or add headings as you see fit. The suggested headings are

• Academic interests
• Courses taught
• Background
• Awards
• Positions held
• Partners


Tags make up the competency catalogue and makes it possible for our visitors to find people with competence within a certain field.

Add tags that describe your key areas of research. You should never add more than 10 tags. Avoid making long tags that make up sentences. One tag should be maximum 4-5 words long. List them in order of priority, and choose them from the university's main research categories (the "vi forsker på" categories (in Norwegian)).


Here you may choose to have your publications listed automatically from the Frida research database. Your latest 500 entries into the Frida database will then be listed on your personal web page. The entries will be divided into the categories "scientific articles and book chapters", "books" and "other". Each publication will be displayed in accordance with the APA style of referencing. You may also choose to add a list of selected publications. If you do so, this list will shown on the front tab.


If you wish to display projects you take part in which are registered to your user name, choose yes ("ja") to the question "vis prosjekter publisert på hvor ditt brukernavn er registrert som deltaker". Only projects published in the same language as the personal presentation will be listed.


Add names and addresses for any RSS feeds you want to be shown, for instance one from a project you take part in.

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