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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 5

Persons 101 - 125 of 835
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Brandsnes, Gry Senior Adviser HR development, Digitalisation, Organisational development, ARK
Picture of Kirsten Guri Brauti Brauti, Kirsten Guri Senior Executive Officer +47-22857141 +47-90750109 Facilitation
Picture of Benjamin Breiby Breiby, Benjamin Engineer
Picture of Thomas Breiby Breiby, Thomas Works Technician +47-22855951 +47-99225051 Estate services, Landscape
Picture of Marit Brennset Brennset, Marit Adviser +47-22840159 +47-95050638
Picture of Olaug Kristine Ø Bringager Bringager, Olaug Kristine Ø Senior Adviser +47-22854434
Picture of Christopher Martin Brown Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47-22854192 +47-97015910 Salary, Taxes, Regulations, Internal audit, Reconciliation, Web publishing, Control and Reconciliation Group
Picture of Jon Brudeseth Brudeseth, Jon Adviser +47-90944158 Purchasing
Picture of Sylejman Bruka Bruka, Sylejman Renholdsleder Cleaning
Picture of Aleksander A. Bruun Bruun, Aleksander A. Works Technician +47-46745938 Building maintenance
Picture of Anders Bruvik Bruvik, Anders Head of Group 22852792 42042944 OS X, Linux, Mobile Devices
Picture of Anders Bruvik Bruvik, Anders Head of Group 22852792 42042944
Picture of Eva Bryn Bryn, Eva Senior Engineer +47-22840160 +47-97148146
Picture of Birgitte Brørs Brørs, Birgitte Adviser +47-22841117 Admissions, Regulations, Web publishing, Appeals
Picture of Pål Fredrik Bugge Bugge, Pål Fredrik Administrative Manager +47-22851017 +47-97071715 Management, Building maintenance
Picture of Luke Thomas Bullock Bullock, Luke Thomas Head Engineer
Picture of Frode Buraas Buraas, Frode Works Coordinator +47-22854216 +47-47756395 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Ingrid Cecilie Busvold Busvold, Ingrid Cecilie Senior Executive Officer +47-22856375 +47-47489227 Personnel, HSE, Employment
Picture of Anna Kolberg Buverud Buverud, Anna Kolberg Senior Adviser +47-22858437 International cooperation, Research training, Mobility, Joint Programming, Academic Dugnad
Picture of Trond Buvik Buvik, Trond Senior Engineer +47-91853199 Property Development, Project management
Picture of Are Bye-Andersen Bye-Andersen, Are Senior Adviser +47-22856700 Alumni, Working life, Innovation
Picture of Michiko Morioka Bøe Bøe, Michiko Morioka Higher Executive Officer +47-22856309
Picture of Henrik Bøhle Bøhle, Henrik Senior Engineer +47-22852506 +47-90786129
Picture of Line Bøhn Bøhn, Line Head Engineer +47-22858611 IT, Xpand
Picture of Mette Børing Børing, Mette Senior Executive Officer +47-22854310 +47-90367885 Absence, Reimbursements, Purchasing