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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 7

Persons 151 - 175 of 831
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Nirmala Eidsgård Eidsgård, Nirmala Adviser +47-22857358 Recruitment of students, Learning environment
Picture of Nina Elise Eik Eik, Nina Elise On leave
Picture of Birgitte Eikeset Eikeset, Birgitte Adviser +47-22854309 Admissions, Regulations
Picture of Hanna Ekeli Ekeli, Hanna Director of Department +47-22857436 +47-99001817 Administrative management, Strategy, Economy, HR system
Picture of Arild Ekker Ekker, Arild Senior Executive Officer +47-22856282 National Student Database, Regulations
Picture of Martine Eklund Eklund, Martine Head Engineer +47-22845527
Picture of Kathirgamanathan Elayathamby Elayathamby, Kathirgamanathan Cleaner Cleaning, Satefy delegate
Picture of Sigrid Bøe Elgsaas Elgsaas, Sigrid Bøe Adviser +47-22844350 Mobility, Orientation week for new students, Infocentre
Picture of Hanne Degerstrøm Ellingsen Ellingsen, Hanne Degerstrøm Adviser +47-22850424 Admissions
Picture of Thomas Røed Ellingsen Ellingsen, Thomas Røed Works Technician Transport, Delivery service
En-Naoui, Naima Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Tom Reidar Eng Eng, Tom Reidar Works Technician +47-95195182 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Kristina Enge Enge, Kristina Senior Executive Officer +47-22857855 Admissions
Picture of Tonje Engedal Engedal, Tonje Senior Adviser +47-22856310 +47-90048569 Application Management, HR system, SAPUiO, IT Advisory, Payroll
Picture of Asbjørn Engeli Engeli, Asbjørn Senior Engineer +47-22852513 +47-99293924
Picture of Grete Engen Engen, Grete Administrative Manager +47-95041489 +47-95041489
Picture of Lasse Enger Enger, Lasse Head Engineer +47-22851099 +47-46545282
Picture of Bjørn Engeset Engeset, Bjørn Lawyer +47-22845917
Picture of Tine Tång Engvik Engvik, Tine Tång Senior Executive Officer +47-22858410 Exchange, International cooperation
Picture of Aleksander Erichson Erichson, Aleksander Engineer
Picture of Tomm Eriksen Eriksen, Tomm Head of Group +47-22840177 +47-92861986
Picture of Morten Erlandsen Erlandsen, Morten Senior Engineer +47-22840097
Picture of Rune Ersdal Ersdal, Rune Head Engineer +47-22845596 +47-45791238 45791238
Picture of Nibaldo Miguel B Escobar Escobar, Nibaldo Miguel B Administrative Manager +47-22859479 +47-90824081 Cleaning
Picture of Mehmet Eser Eser, Mehmet Works Coordinator +47-22851608 +47-97763186 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance