Persons tagged with «Reporting»

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ida Rudi Bellizia Bellizia, Ida Rudi Head Engineer +47-22858016 Reporting, Felles studentsystem (FS) / Joint student database, Statistics, Organized research training
Picture of Helge J. Bjørnhaug Bjørnhaug, Helge J. Senior Engineer +47-22856299 Reporting, Statistics, Courses, National Student Database
Picture of Monica Carvajal Carlosama Carlosama, Monica Carvajal Senior Adviser +47-22856234 Accounting, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reporting, Reimbursements
Picture of Are Holsted Holsted, Are Adviser +47-22844058 Reporting, Support, Archives, Counselling, ePhorte, Training
Picture of Hege Elisabeth Løvbak Løvbak, Hege Elisabeth Adviser +47-22854053 92042455 +47-92042455 Training, Gender equality, Reporting
Picture of Maja Jenssen Malnes Malnes, Maja Jenssen Senior Executive Officer +47-22858033 Personnel administration, Training, Regulatiions, Reporting, Whydentify, Counselling, Project management, Employment agency, Jobbnorge, Employments
Picture of Pål Erik Megaard Megaard, Pål Erik Senior Engineer +47-22857922 Statistics, TP, Reporting, Timetabling, National Student Database
Picture of Nanett Remen Remen, Nanett Adviser +47-22855344 Reporting, Controlling, Reconciliation
Picture of Sugumaran Shanmugam Shanmugam, Sugumaran Adviser +47-22856216 95248771 Reporting, Salary, HR system, SAPUiO
Sikkeland, Karen Skadsheim Head Engineer +47-22858248 PhD data, Statistics, Reporting, Student data, National Student Database (FS)
Picture of Siv Anita Stegen Stegen, Siv Anita Adviser +47-22854103 +47-92038909 Salary, Reporting, SAPUiO, HR system
Picture of Helene Jenssen Stockfleth Stockfleth, Helene Jenssen Administrative Manager +47-22855699 +47-45231223 +47-45231223 Activity management, Financial management, Finance, Reporting, Budget, Management
Picture of Brede Tarald Fannemel Trollsås Trollsås, Brede Tarald Fannemel Senior Adviser +47-22841035 +47-91604437 SAPUiO, Salary, Counselling, Project management, HR system, Web publishing, Application management, Reporting
Picture of Erna Årsetøy Årsetøy, Erna Senior Adviser +47-22840108 Activity management, Financial management, Finance, Budget, Reporting, Analysis