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Staff members at the Department of Administrative Support (ADS)

Persons 1 - 25 of 109
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tove Alm Alm, Tove Førstekonsulent +47-22841029 Salary payments
Picture of Lena Andersen Andersen, Lena Seksjonssjef +47-22855330 Project management, Archives, ePhorte
Picture of Thomas Aulin Aulin, Thomas Senior Executive Officer +47-22858666 Travel, ePhorte, Advances, Web publishing, Reimbursements
Picture of Terje Bakke Bakke, Terje Seniorrådgiver +47-22854779 +47-40847892
Picture of Anne-Gro Berg Berg, Anne-Gro Senior Adviser +47-22857776 Counselling, Training, ePhorte, Web publishing, Archives, Support
Picture of Kari Oline Bergstrøm Bergstrøm, Kari Oline Senior Adviser +47-22856105 Process support, Project managment
Picture of Donya Bota Bota, Donya Senior Executive Officer +47-22857659
Picture of Christopher Martin Brown Brown, Christopher Martin Senior Adviser +47-22854192 +47-97015910 Regulations, Control and Reconciliation Group, Web publishing, Taxes, Salary, Internal audit, Reconciliation
Picture of Jon Brudeseth Brudeseth, Jon Adviser +47-90944158 Purchasing
Picture of Michiko Morioka Bøe Bøe, Michiko Morioka Higher Executive Officer +47-22856309
Picture of Monica Carvajal Carlosama Carlosama, Monica Carvajal Senior Adviser +47-22856234 Reimbursements, Control and Reconciliation Group, Reporting, Accounting
Picture of Line Dolmseth Dolmseth, Line Senior Adviser +47-22857599
Picture of Paraskoviia Domak Domak, Paraskoviia Rådgiver +47-22858116 +47-46586217 Purchasing
Picture of Inger Ann S Faye Faye, Inger Ann S Seksjonsleder +47-22856278 +47-92630320 Personnel administration, Finance, Communication, Organisation
Picture of Monika Johnsen Fjeld Fjeld, Monika Johnsen Higher Executive Officer +47-22858087
Picture of Marianne Sinead  Flesland Flesland, Marianne Sinead - on leave
Picture of Ylva Garung Garung, Ylva Senior Adviser +47-22844755
Picture of Ellen Svendby Gravklev Gravklev, Ellen Svendby Senior Adviser +47-22854476 +47-95100467 IT Advisory, Basware, Application Management, Project Management, Oracle
Picture of Mette Gregusson Gregusson, Mette Rådgiver +47-22858179 +47-48212865 Parental leave, Counselling
Picture of Eli Molven Gaard Gaard, Eli Molven Senior Executive Officer +47-22841037 Salary payments
Picture of Anita Handegard Handegard, Anita Senior Adviser +47-22857721 +47-91649176 HR system, IT Advisory, Application Management, Project Management
Picture of Erik Handelsby Handelsby, Erik Seniorrådgiver +47-22855227 +47-97510643 Financial management
Picture of Hilde Haug Haug, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22858649 +47 900 92 163
Picture of Beth Haugen Haugen, Beth Senior Executive Officer +47-22856057 Salary payments
Picture of Bjørn Egil Haugen Haugen, Bjørn Egil Senior Adviser +47-41577657 +47-41577657 Process support, Project management