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Staff members at the Department of Academic Administration (AF)

Persons 1 - 25 of 135
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Arve Aleksandersen Aleksandersen, Arve Rådgiver +47-22856187
Picture of Vibeke Alm Alm, Vibeke Seniorrådgiver +47-22856010
Picture of Cecilie Aune Aune, Cecilie Seniorrådgiver +47-22844751 Web editor
Picture of Diana Badi Badi, Diana Seniorrådgiver Web editor, Web publishing, Communication, Strategy, Training
Picture of Malena Bakkevold Bakkevold, Malena Administrative Manager +47-22856279 +47-95750533
Picture of Alan Louis Belardinelli Belardinelli, Alan Louis Higher Executive Officer +47-22857763 Continuing and further education, National Student Database
Picture of Ida Rudi Bellizia Bellizia, Ida Rudi Overingeniør +47-22858016 Felles studentsystem (FS) / Joint student database, Statistics, Organized research training, Reporting
Picture of Margareth Bentsen Bentsen, Margareth Seniorrådgiver +47-22854017 92234043 Web publishing, Communication, Media survey, Awards
Picture of Finn Ragnar Berger Berger, Finn Ragnar Seniorkonsulent +47-22856205 Appeals Committee at UiO, Regulations
Picture of Anne Margrete Bergfall Bergfall, Anne Margrete Seniorrådgiver +47-22857925 Learning environment, Switchboard, Project management
Picture of Lars Bergseth-Hasle Bergseth-Hasle, Lars Senior Engineer +47-22857748 National Student Database, Timetabling, TP
Picture of Helge J. Bjørnhaug Bjørnhaug, Helge J. Senioringeniør +47-22856299 National Student Database, Courses, Statistics, Reporting
Picture of Kirsten Guri Brauti Brauti, Kirsten Guri Seniorkonsulent +47-22857141 +47-90750109 Facilitation
Picture of Olaug Kristine Ø Bringager Bringager, Olaug Kristine Ø Seniorrådgiver +47-22854434
Picture of Birgitte Brørs Brørs, Birgitte Rådgiver +47-22841117 Regulations, Admissions, Web publishing, Appeals
Picture of Vibeke Braaten Braaten, Vibeke Head Engineer +47-22857923 National Student Database, TP, Student data
Picture of Anna Kolberg Buverud Buverud, Anna Kolberg Seniorrådgiver +47-22858437 International cooperation, Research training, Joint Programming, Academic Dugnad, Mobility
Picture of Are Bye-Andersen Bye-Andersen, Are Seniorrådgiver +47-22856700 Alumni, Innovation, Working life
Picture of Mette Torp Christensen Christensen, Mette Torp Seniorrådgiver +47-22856714
Picture of Matthew Davies Davies, Matthew Seniorkonsulent +47-22856197 National Student Database
Picture of Marit Egner Egner, Marit Seniorrådgiver +47-22858490 +47 96239029 International cooperation, Research administration, scholars at risk, NORHED, NORPART, External funding, Global South, South Africa
Picture of Nirmala Eidsgård Eidsgård, Nirmala Adviser +47-22857358 Learning environment, Recruitment of students
Picture of Birgitte Eikeset Eikeset, Birgitte Adviser +47-22854309 Regulations, Admissions
Picture of Hanna Ekeli Ekeli, Hanna Avdelingsdirektør +47-22857436 +47-99001817 Administrative management, Strategy, Economy, HR system
Picture of Arild Ekker Ekker, Arild Seniorkonsulent +47-22856282 Regulations, National Student Database