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Staff members at the Department of Personnel Support (AP)

Persons 1 - 18 of 18
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Cecilie Andersen Andersen, Cecilie Rådgiver +47-22851802 +47-97755640 Competence development, Courses, Project management, HR development
Picture of Berit Hernes Bakke Bakke, Berit Hernes Advokat +47-22858137 +47-97532377 Contracts, Legal counselling, Civil service law
Berg, Gina Kristine Rådgiver +47-22841837 Use of administrative language, Annual report, Elections, Inclusive workplace (IA), Regulations
Picture of Gry Brandsnes Brandsnes, Gry Senior Adviser ARK, Organisational development, Digitalisation, HR development
Picture of Roar Fikkan Fikkan, Roar Seniorrådgiver +47-22843040 +47-93043040 Competence development
Picture of Erik Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Erik Seniorrådgiver +47-22856320 +47-95745980 Organization, Elections, UniRand
Hanneborg, Wenche Senior Adviser +47-22854372 Regulations, Civil service law, Strategy
Picture of Elisabeth Kvalvåg Kvalvåg, Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22857749 +4792207749 +47-92207749 Facilitation, Counsellingle, Training, Project management
Picture of Marianne Cecilie Lindholm Lindholm, Marianne Cecilie Advokat +47-22856235 +47-93049770 Contracts, Civil service law, Legal counselling
Picture of Hege Elisabeth Løvbak Løvbak, Hege Elisabeth Rådgiver +47-22854053 92042455 +47-92042455 Reporting, Training, Gender equality
Picture of Maja Jenssen Malnes Malnes, Maja Jenssen Senior Executive Officer +47-22858033 Training, Jobbnorge, Personnel administration, Regulatiions, Reporting, Whydentify, Employment agency, Project management, Counselling, Employments
Picture of Roger Markgraf-Bye Markgraf-Bye, Roger Seniorrådgiver +47-22856261 +47-90822826 Legal counselling, Civil service law, Contracts
Picture of Erland Nettum Nettum, Erland Rådgiver +47-22844229 Counselling, Training, Mobility
Picture of Helle Parelius Parelius, Helle Assistant Director +47-22841055 +47-90134860 Leadership development, Organisational development, HR development
Picture of Irene Sandlie Sandlie, Irene Director of Personnel +47-22857472 +47-41680540 Facilitation, Regulations, Strategy
Picture of Anja Gil Spilling Spilling, Anja Gil Rådgiver +47-22857824 Mobility
Picture of Mari Theodorsen Theodorsen, Mari Adviser +47-22859358 Civil service law, Salary negotiations, Regulations
Picture of Sidsel Gunn Valmot Valmot, Sidsel Gunn Senior Adviser +47-22856178 +47-91657409 Competence development, Organisational development, Leadership development