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Staff members at the Health, Safety and Environment Unit

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Nina Elise Eik Eik, Nina Elise Senior Adviser +47-22857063 +47-45420394 Work environment, HSE
Picture of Trond Gran Larsen Larsen, Trond Gran Senior Adviser +47-22856044 +47-93001601
Picture of Elisabeth Mona Mona, Elisabeth Section Manager +47-22857059 +47-47239093 Work environment, HSE
Picture of Mehrbod Nasseri Nasseri, Mehrbod Security Adviser +47-22845580 +47-40161739 Security, Emergency preparedness
Picture of Kenneth Nielsen Nielsen, Kenneth Security Adviser +47-22856614
Picture of Anita Sandberg Sandberg, Anita Director of HSE and Emergency +47-22856281 +47-90614459 Strategy, Management, Work environment, HSE, Emergency preparedness, Organisational development
Picture of Frøydis Schulz Schulz, Frøydis Senior Adviser +47-22856822 +47-98847744 Radiation protection