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Picture of M Abohussein Abohussein, M Head Engineer +47-22852923 +47-48129728 m.abohussein@usit.uio.no
Picture of Temsgen Abraham Abraham, Temsgen Senior Engineer +47-22840808 +47-95734757 temsgen.abraham@usit.uio.no
Picture of Lene Akerhaugen Akerhaugen, Lene Head Engineer +47-22852949 +47-95705921 lene.akerhaugen@usit.uio.no
Picture of Safet Amedov Amedov, Safet Senior Engineer +47-22840038 91735782 safet.amedov@usit.uio.no
Picture of Trond Hasle Amundsen Amundsen, Trond Hasle Head of Group +47-22840058 +47-90052080 90052080 t.h.amundsen@usit.uio.no
Picture of Marko Andic Andic, Marko Senior Engineer +47-22840786 +47-40341135 marko.andic@usit.uio.no
Picture of Jan Andreassen Andreassen, Jan Senior Engineer +47-22852863 +47-48031077 jan.andreassen@usit.uio.no
Picture of Kjell Andresen Andresen, Kjell Senior Engineer +47 228-52837 +47 91326180 kjell.andresen@usit.uio.no
Picture of Knut Augedal Augedal, Knut Senior Engineer +47-22840173 +47-47285001 knut.augedal@usit.uio.no
Picture of Haneef Awan Awan, Haneef Senior Engineer +47-22844659 haneef.awan@usit.uio.no
Picture of Abdulrahman Azab Azab, Abdulrahman Senior Engineer +47-22840036 46797339 abdulrahman.azab@usit.uio.no Java, .Net, Python, Docker, Grid computing, High-Performance computing, High-Throughput computing, Bioinformatics, Galaxy, scrum, HTCondor, Singularity, Programmering
Backer, Dag Overingeniør +47-22857854 +47-97114521 dag.backer@usit.uio.no. AV, Events, Support
Picture of Vidar Bakken Bakken, Vidar Head Engineer +47-22845537 vidar.bakken@usit.uio.no
Picture of Gøksel Basdag Basdag, Gøksel Senior Engineer +47-22840755 +47-91648426 goksel.basdag@usit.uio.no
Picture of Martin Strokkenes Benonisen Benonisen, Martin Strokkenes Head Engineer +47-22840115 41223774 m.s.benonisen@usit.uio.no
Picture of Said Benounis Benounis, Said Senior Engineer +47-22852732 +47-93863267 said.benounis@usit.uio.no
Picture of Dagfinn Bergsager Bergsager, Dagfinn Head of Group +47-22840047 +47-95204665 dagfinn.bergsager@usit.uio.no
Picture of Audun Bjerknes Bjerknes, Audun Adviser audun.bjerknes@usit.uio.no Video production, Podcast, Learning, Multimedia, E-learning, MOOC, Wiki
Picture of Petter Bjørbæk Bjørbæk, Petter Head of Group +47-22852751 +47-41564876 petter.bjorbak@usit.uio.no
Picture of Jarle Bjørgeengen Bjørgeengen, Jarle Chief Engineer +47-22852759 +47-91557978 jarle.bjorgeengen@usit.uio.no
Picture of Halvor Bjørn Bjørn, Halvor Head Engineer halvbj@usit.uio.no
Picture of Dag Christian Bjørnsen Bjørnsen, Dag Christian Head Engineer +47-22845590 d.c.bjornsen@usit.uio.no
Picture of Carl Morten Boger Boger, Carl Morten Head Engineer c.m.boger@usit.uio.no
Picture of Martin Bore Bore, Martin Senior Engineer +47-22840147 +47-46661305 martin.bore@usit.uio.no
Picture of Knut Borge Borge, Knut Section Manager +47-22852519 +47-91844208 knut.borge@usit.uio.no