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The University and the EU – Facts and Figures

The University of Oslo is the Norwegian university with the largest EU portfolio, with broad participation from every faculty and within large parts of the Seventh Framework Programme. Our projects continue to increase in number and size. This fits our goal to increase our international efforts, contribute to international research, and participate in good international networks.

Expanding portefolio

In 2014, the University has a total of  162 running EU-funded projects. At the present, the University has 13 projects which have been coordinated by the University. This corresponds to acceptance of about 20 percent of our applications; well above the EU average, which is 18 percent.

Since 2009, the University has been  awarded a total of 24 ERC grants in Physical Science & Engineering, Life Science and Socio-Economic Sciences and Humanities. The University also has over 40 Marie Curie projects, both Initial Training networks (ITN) and Individual Fellowships, which shows that the University is a very attractive institution for international researchers.

Rising income

During the past few years, we have seen increased interest in the EU's framework programme at the University. The number of projects coordinated by the University and the size of each project is on the increase. Every faculty at the University is currently active in FP7. On this basis, the total financial earnings from the EU's framework programme will increase at the University. In 2013, the University received NOK 122 million in income from the EU's framework programme; the highest income from  EU's framework programme ever. The main reasons are more ERCs, more coordinator projects, a more central role on the projects we participate in, and acceptance of larger projects than in the past.

List of UiO's FP7 Projects 2007-2013 (PDF)



Published Jun 11, 2010 08:52 AM - Last modified Jan 20, 2015 02:42 PM