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Applying and being admitted to a PhD programme

Here, you will find general information about procedures you should be aware of when applying for and being admitted to a PhD programme at the University of Oslo. Please be aware that each faculty administers its own PhD programme, and may have particular requirements.

Qualification requirements

In order to qualify for admission to a PhD programme at UiO, you normally need a five-year undergraduate and postgraduate degree, i.e. a Master's degree or the equivalent; however, the individual faculties can also approve other educational backgrounds as the basis for admission. The faculties may make additional requirements leading to admission. For more information on the qualification requirements, read about the individual faculty's programme.


Each programme has its own application form and its own procedures leading to admission. For additional information, see the relevant programme page. The following is a minimum of the documentation that must be included with your application:

  • certified copies of all documents relevant to your educational background
  • description of the project, including a time frame for completion
  • a funding plan for the entire agreement period (i.e., 3 years of full-time study): information about the funding source, the employer (if applicable), and the type of funding (e.g. stipend or purchase of release time from permanent employment)
  • a statement of the need for any large-scale scholarly or material resources
  • the name of at least one proposed academic supervisor, unless otherwise stipulated in the programme requirements

The faculty may stipulate additional documentation requirements. Please note that the Department of Research Administration is not able to connect potential applicants with potential supervisors.

The PhD contract

Admission to one of the university's PhD programmes is formalized in a written contract signed by the PhD candidate, supervisor, basic academic unit and the faculty. The contract sets down the rights and obligations of the parties during the admission period (= contract period). The academic supervisor appointed after the point in time when the candidate was admitted must sign the contract immediately after his/her appointment as supervisor. At least one supervisor must be appointed at the time admission is granted. If you are appointed to a research fellowship position at the University of Oslo, you must also sign a separate employment contract with the University.

Appointment to Research Fellowship positions at UiO

Being appointed to a research fellowship position at the university does not mean that you are automatically admitted to a PhD programme. Appointment to a position and admission to a programme may be two parallel processes involving separate applications; however, an attempt is made to co-ordinate the two as far as possible within the faculty.

Pursuant to Regulation concerning terms of employment for positions as post-doctor, fellow, research assistant and specialist candidate (Norwegian text), Section 1-3, point 8, the final plan for research training must be approved and agreed in contract three months at the latest after appointment to a fellowship position.

Cooperation with national external parties (e.g. appointments outside UiO)

If you receive financial support from an external party in the form of funding, employment or similar contribution, this must be formalized in a separate contract between you, the university and the external party. The university's Agreement for completion of the PhD programme in cooperation with an external party is to be used. This agreement must be an enclosure to the PhD contract itself.

Collaboration with international parties

If you are to be formally affiliated with one or more foreign institutions, the university's guidelines for such cooperation must be adhered to. Separate agreements are to be entered into, using established standard forms. The agreement should normally be included as an enclosure to the PhD contract (admission contract).


Most PhD programmes are now using StudentWeb. This allows you to see the study information registered about you in the university systems and to enrol in courses/seminars on your own.

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