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Other interdisciplinary research areas

UiO recognises the fundamental role of interdisciplinary research in addressing the major challenges facing society today. To encourage top level academic collaboration, interfaculty research programmes have been established.

The High North

The University of Oslo carries out research related to the Arctic and High North within a wide range of areas within Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences and Law.

Global governance

The Oslo Academy of Global Governance is the University of Oslo's spearhead in interdisciplinary research to develop cooperation on our future challenges like; health, the environment, human rights, poverty, climate change and security threats.

Religion in Pluralist Societies (PluRel)

PluRel examines religion, values and society. What happens when religions and personal beliefs encounter, and are challenged by, other value traditions and altered social conditions?

Previous interdisciplinary areas

Interdiciplinary centres

In addition to the seven interfaculty priority areas, UiO runs seven interdisciplinary centres within the areas of