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The Arctic

The global and strategic importance of the Arctic has increased in later years. The framework conditions for development in the Arctic are under constant change. Dramatic climate changes manifest themselves in this vulnerable region and there is growing demand for important resources from this area, such as seafood, minerals, oil, gas and other energy resources.

Due to its location and a longstanding relationship to the Arctic, Norway has a particular responsibility for both contributing to increased knowledge about the Arctic, and knowledge based sustainable management of resources in the area. Norway has a long tradition of exploring the Arctic and has thus developed a special interest and responsibility for polar research within a wide range of areas. International cooperation within Arctic research is essential in order to ensure a global perspective and the best possible management of the Arctic environment and resources.

Research news

  • capturefieldcamp-507px New approach estimating glacier frontal ablation using seismic and remote sensing data Jan. 19, 2017 4:48 PM

    Cross disciplinary approaches using both seismic recordings and satellite observations of glaciers provide data to estimate glacier frontal ablation rates. This provides new insight into the processes that control dynamic mass loss of glaciers into the sea. Such cross disciplinary approaches can be valuable in climate research.

  • NVE_037_550pxl What happens when the permafrost melts? Nov. 2, 2016 12:17 PM

    Anthrax broke out in Russia this summer, but why? Because the permafrost in Siberia is melting. At the same time, people in Nord-Troms fear a tsunami and enormous devastation when the permafrost on Nordnesfjellet mountain melts and the mountain cracks. Read more on

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Professor Erik Røsæg, Scandinavian Institute of Maritime Law,
Chair, UiO Arctic Committee

Senior Adviser Trine Merete Kvernmo, Office for International Relations and Research Support, Administrative Coordinator, UiO Arctic Committee

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