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The MDGs and Human Rights: Past, Present and Future

The MDGs and Human Rights: Past, Present and Future

Edited by Malcolm Langford, Andy Sumner and Alicia Ely Yamin

Cambridge University Press (2013)

About the book

The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have been hailed by some as the single most important international initiative in the history of development cooperation. Others have decried them as a betrayal of the universal values embodied in Millennium Declaration and human rights treaties.

As the era of the current MDGs comes to a close, this books whether the paradigms of international development and human rights are complementary or conflicting.

Taking a departure point in economics, law and other disciplines, the authors in this volume explore the manner in which human rights have or should have influenced the articulation and implementation of the MDGs. This is reinforced by an examination of the debate on the post-2015 development agenda and various alternatives to the current framework are explored and tested.


Cambridge University Press, 2013





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