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  • biopolitics_cover Book review: Humans, Animals and Biopolitics: The More-than-Human Condition Jan. 12, 2017 03:12 PM

    Sage Journals has published an edition of Cultural Geographies which includes a book review of "Humans, Animals and Biopolitics: The More-than-Human Condition edited by TIKs Kristin Asdal and Tone Druglitrø

  • elisabeth-oxfeldt-01-web740 Scandinavians can learn from feelings of guilt Jan. 9, 2017 03:08 PM

    ‘We who live in the wealthiest and happiest countries in the world have plenty of reasons to feel guilty when faced with the poverty and affliction of others,’ says Elisabeth Oxfeldt. She heads a large-scale research project which shows that Scandinavian feelings of guilt can be beneficial.

  • mor-barn03-740px No children, no happiness? Jan. 9, 2017 02:42 PM

    One in every five women in the West has no children. Professor Christina Archetti takes her own life as a starting point when studying why many childless people feel isolated and like failures.

  • green-middleeast-colour-740 Could a greener Middle East be more free? Jan. 9, 2017 02:17 PM

    The oil-soaked Middle East has started to think green. In the long term, this may sway the region’s authoritarian regimes in a more democratic direction, according to researchers Brynjar Lia and Jon Nordenson.

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