Investing in health and environment

The main event of Oslo Life Science 2018 were we showcase our best researchers and let international speakers give us new insight in how to increase value creation from basic research.

Target group: bureaucrats, researchers, students, businesspeople, investors and politicians. 

Programme and registration form will follow. Save the date!



This is where we showcase our best researchers – in 2018 you will meet representatives from the 7 convergence environments in life science that were appointed in the spring 2017, as well as our conference co-organizers OUS and NMBU. We have also invited international speakers that will inspire all of us to contribute to increased value creation from basic research.

Some of the speakers


Torbjørn Røe Isaksen, Minister of Education and Research

This autumn the minister announced that the starting grant for the planned life science building at UiO would be on the 2018 national budget. He stated that the government has great expectations about what this building will mean for Norway.

Dr., MBA Barbara NelsenHow Novel Technologies Move From The Institute to The Market
Founder of Nelsen Biomedical. Nelsen has extensive experience in moving technology from concept to commercialization, developing business models, implementing business plans, and creating strategic partnerships and market expansion activities.She has truly sat on all sides of the table. She has been an investor (Sofia Fund, Northern Lights Seed Fund), and a scientific investigator (Brandeis University, The Whitehead Institute). She has worked in the industry in both research and development (Director, Cancer Therapeutics and Diagnostics the Austin Institute Australia) and in Business development (MGI Pharma). 

Pasi Sorvisto, founder and director of SPARK Finland – one of the European big brothers of the newly established SPARK Norway. Sorvisto is an internationally acknowledged business and finance professional – specialized in health IT and bioinformatics – with 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, consultant, early stage financier and advisor. He is also a former ice hockey trainer.

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