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Announcement of funding for two research groups

UiO:Nordic has announced funding for two interdisciplinary research groups for the period 2017–2019.

The deadline for applications is 15 August 2016.

UiO:Nordic is a prioritized interdisciplinary initiative at UiO aimed at promoting new and relevant knowledge on the Nordic region and Nordic perspectives in an international context, partly through a critical focus on concepts and notions of ‘the Nordic model’. By analyzing historical conditions and change processes across social and cultural areas and comparing these with other countries and regions, the initiative will foster new knowledge on the sustainability, dilemmas and challenges of Nordic models. UiO:Nordic aims to develop new knowledge on the Nordic situation in an international context.

Ambitious research groups with a high standard of quality and the potential to secure future external funding are invited to apply. This announcement covers the entire scope of the initiative as described in the programme notes (pdf). Subsequent announcements may be for specific areas.

The maximum funding for three years is NOK 5.5 million. The funding can be used inter alia for the partial redemption of management resources for the research group, recruitment posts, Professor IIs, visiting researchers, teaching collaborations, fieldwork, workshops and seminars. The units that researchers are affiliated with are expected to contribute an equivalent amount.

Apply for funds

Assessment criteria:

The group must consist of at least four researchers. Participants from at least two faculties/centres at UiO must be involved in the research.

The projects must be of high scientific quality and originality, and must aim to examine the Nordic countries’ historical conditions, challenges, paradoxes and future opportunities. Projects must have a clear link to the concept of the Nordic region and the perspectives implied in UiO:Nordic’s programme notes (pdf).

The interdisciplinary research cooperation must generate added value in the form of knowledge, and this must be detailed in the project description.

Plans relating to external revenue opportunities must be submitted.

The project must have clear dissemination plans.

A description of the potential for teaching in relation to the initiative must be submitted.

A description of the opportunities for co-localization at the host unit or participating unit must be submitted.

A description must be given of the group members’ experiences in relation to:

  • executing past projects
  • securing external funding
  • publishing
  • international cooperation

Other application criteria:

  • The project description must be a maximum of five pages and must address the application criteria above (in addition to a reference list/bibliography and an abstract).
  • A three-year budget for the period must be submitted, giving a description of the financial contribution by the researcher’s unit in the form of reallocation/new funding from faculties/departments. The contribution may also be in the form of wage funds or working capital. Office space costs and other indirect costs are additional. This also applies to the project participants’ research hours and administrative support.
  • The application must specify which department will host the initiative, and describe the contributions of the various participants.
  • CVs for research group members must be submitted.
  • The project description and all enclosures must be written in English.

Application deadline: 15 August 2016.

Applications must be submitted using the online form.

Please contact if you have any questions regarding the announcement.

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