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Apply for workshop funds

UiO researchers can apply for funding to arrange inter-faculty workshops associated with UiO:Nordic.

The purpose of the workshops is to develop and refine ideas that can form the basis for research groups to be established in 2017.

Deadline for applications is February 1 2017.

Requirements for workshops and the application

  • Among the participants there must be permanent academic staff members from at least two faculties/centres at UiO. The application must be signed by the permanent academic staff members from minimum two UiO faculties.
  • Workshops are to be held before the research group funding applictaion deadline (August 15 2017)
  • The application should include1–3 pages of preliminary research questions, programme draft, and list of participants.
  • A simple budget. Funding in the order of magnitude NOK 5–20,000 can be applied for.

The reviewers will emphasize on the following:

  • The potential for new collaboration relationships.
  • Academic relevance for the UiO:Nordic initiative.
  • Productive participants who have a good track record.
  • Groups or projects who have not recieves this type of funds from UiO:Nordic before, will be given priority

Practical information about handing in the applicaton:

You apply for the funds by uploading your applictaion (pdf-format) through "nettskjema". The button on the top of the right side of this page, takes you directly to the applictaion form.

Apply for funds

You may change and/or delete your application until the dealine.


Applicants for workshops deriving from earlier UiO:Nordic funded workshops and/or project applications should explain  how this new workshop represents a new direction/angle in relation to earlier projects.

Processing of applications

The applications will be processed by selected members of the UiO:Nordic board, which will ensure that all members are unbiased in their assessment of the applications. Responses will be distributed to the applicants within 3 weeks after the deadline.

Applying for workshop funds is not a precondition for participation in future research projects under the initiative.

Application deadline is February 1 2017.

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