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As one of three UiO strategic areas UiO:Nordic is intended to provide new knowledge about Nordic models. Through developing excellent research groups in an interdisciplinary setting, grounded on alternative interpretations and explanations of "Nordic Models", UiO:Nordic seeks not only new knowledge and explanations, but also to place knowledge about the Nordic countries and culture(s) in a broader context and wider perspective.

Being a a long-term strategic interdisciplinary initiative, UiO:Nordic seeks to cast a critical eye at concepts and notions of "the Nordic Model" in order to analyze historical preconditions and dynamics of change, and to investigate different Nordic societal areas in comparison to and in contrast with other countries and regions. By exploring deepseated structures across social and cultural areas one seeks new knowledge about the Nordic model’s sustainability, dilemmas and challenges.

This research is carried out by interdisciplinary research groups. There are annual calls for both workshops and research groups, most groups develop their research concept through UiO:Nordic funded workshops. Every year 2-3 new research projects and groups of high quality and with the potential to succeed in the competition for external funds in the future and that are rewarded with UiO:Nordic funds, will recive up to three years of funding.

By January 2017 UiO:Nordic funds five interdisciplinary research groups:


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