Freebee - free access to powerful computing server

Freebee is a entry level offer to all UiO users, is open to all UiO users and partners that are granted a UiO account.


The intention with freebee is to offer a resource for all users interested in testing out scientific applications, simulation software, parallel code, etc. freebee has a lot of memory, and application runs that need more memory than what a typical PCs can offer are encouraged.

freebee is a Sandy Bridge based Linux server with specifications as follows:

  • 16 cores (CPUs), speed 2.6GHz, type Intel Sandy Bridge
  • 64 GiB memory
  • The operating system is Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5

freebee is a Linux system and you will have to log in by way of ssh. From a Windows PC, this may be done by starting PUTTY or some other ssh client. To log in to freebee., specify as the target host:


Use your ordinary UiO username and password. When you successfully log in to, you will arrive at an empty freebee home directory. You may copy source code and application data files from somecomputer to the freebee home directory to perform runs:

scp somecomputer:files .

If you do not know what computer you are coming from (i.e. "somecomputer"), after you have logged in to freebee you can get this information with the "w" command (note: if your computer has a long name, the part might be truncated).

For users unknown to UNIX: The lifeportal will offer a Web based interface,

All freebee-users have access to and right to support on the mailing list. Requests for help to compile, parallelize, optimize and install software will be answered as if submitted by a Abel user. Please specify "freebee" in the subject field. Additional information about your projects, plans, group and goals would be helpful when we respond to the request.

freebee differs from the other machines (nodes) in Abel in several ways:

  • Freebee is not a general interactive Abel resource, it targets users that are not yet Abel users
  • All UiO users (freebee-users) may log in; No CPU quota applications are needed
  • Frebee have limited software packages installed due to licensing issues
  • Freebee-users do not have access to the Abel storage system although present on freebee

We will analyze the usage of freebee. Users that are successfully managing to utilize freebee and that need more compute power, are encouraged to apply for access to the Abel compute facility and the Norstore storage facility. If your needs are satisfied by the resources offered by freebee, that is well and good, we still would be happy to receive a couple of lines about what you achieved.

Usage of freebee to non-research activities are discouraged and may be sanctioned by expelling the user from further access to freebee.


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