The Lifeportal at UiO is a portal service to ease the access to high performance computing resources for researchers.

About the Lifeportal

Lifeportal is a community-backed project. Major stakeholders contribute in-kind in the form of development hours, help-desk services, operations and infrastructure costs. The project has a steering group consisting of representatives from the contributing stakeholders, and the Lifeportal project leader apply for a large grant of CPU-resources from Notur through the normal mechanisms.

The CPU resources allocated by Notur are distributed to Lifeportal users. Users apply for sub-allocations through a simplified application procedure. The applications are processed continuously. The requirements for applicants are identical to the requirements for applicants for Notur projects.

Operational Log

  • Lifeportal up, and upgraded Feb. 28, 2017 01:53 PM

    During the maintenance stop, we upgraded the Galaxy version of Lifeportal to 17.01. If you experience any problems after this upgrade, please contact us on

  • Maintenance stop for Lifeportal Feb. 27, 2017 09:56 AM

    The Lifeportal is down due to a maintenance stop of the entire Abel cluster where Lifeportal is executing its jobs. The Abel cluster maintenance stop is planned for Mon, Feb 27 until Tue, Feb 28. Please follow our operational log for more updates.

  • Dataporten up again Feb. 23, 2017 02:11 PM

    Dataporten is up again, but there may be some instability due to high cpu load in Uninett:

    «Vi opplever fortsatt ruting-ustabillitet. Feilen som oppsto rett før kl 12:00 er identifisert og rettet. Endel av våre rutere sliter imidlertid fortsatt med høy cpu-last som en følgefeil.»