OSI Dans: Jack&Jill competition in West Coast Swing!

We once again want to welcome you all to an OSI dance party with Jack&Jill competition in West Coast Swing!

Photo: OSI Dans

Join the fun on Saturday the 22 of April at Escape. There will be music for all the OSI Dans dance styles. The party begins at 7 PM this time, and lasts until 12:30 AM.

The evenings entertainment will be a Jack&Jill competition in West Coast Swing. This will be fun for both participants and audience. Jack&Jill is a beginner friendly competition/dance game where you get a new partner every round, so no one can plan a whole dance before they start. We can also promise beginner friendly music!

The competition starts at 8:30 PM. We wish that participants sign up before the party. It is open to anyone to try and we hope to see both beginners and those who have been dancing for a while. If you want to participate and register before the party you get a free entrance to the party. You can still participate if you don't register in advance but then you have to pay for the entrance. We wish all participants come to the party before 8 PM.

Sign up for the competition

Last chance to sign up for the competition is on the 20th of April.

There will be plenty of time dancing in addition to the competition, so just come and have fun!

Everybody is welcome to the party, both members, non-members, students and non-students. So bring your friends, also those that don’t dance (yet), and experience the atmosphere during the J&J-competition!

Remember shoes for slippery floor. Drinking bottles are not allowed inside.

We can't wait to see you!

CC: kr 50

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Published Feb. 8, 2017 4:21 PM - Last modified Apr. 11, 2017 10:08 AM