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Cross-country skiing course

Legend has it that Norwegians are born with skis on their feet. Do you want to learn how to ski?

We are organizing a cross-country skiing course in collaboration with OSI. 

Picture of people skiing

Please read this information before you sign up:

1) You can't sign up before you have rented/bought/borrowed cross-country skis.

2) It is not possible to switch groups. If you for some reason have to switch group you have to ask another student, we can't to this for you.

For detailed information, please see:


Mandatory theory course Wednesday 24.01.2018 at Helga Engs hus, Auditorium 3

The course starts with a mandatory theory course at Wednesday January 24th from 18:15 pm to 19:45 pm. We will explain basic techniques and the art of skiing.


Most of the practice will take place at the Winterpark at Sognsvann. You can choose between two different groups (same level, but different weekends). The instructors are from OSI. 

Group 1:

Practice 27-28. January. 

Sign up for group 1

(The registration will open on the 6th of January )

Group 2:

Practice 3-4 February

Sign up for group 2

(The registration will open on the 6th of January)

Er du norsk student?

Dette er ikke for viderekomne, kurset er på svært grunnleggende nivå, men du er hjertelig velkommen til å delta. 


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