Academic societies

  • AIESEC University of Oslo
    AIESEC is the world's largest student run organization. We work on developing leadership potential of youth through experiental learning, volunteer experiences and professional internships.
  • BABEL Film Club
    Film club that focuses on films from the Middle East and North Africa
  • Concerned Students Oslo
    Concerned Students Oslo is the interdisciplinary region group in Concerned Students Norway - an interdisciplinary climate and environmental network with connection to Concerned Scientists Norway.
  • Congregatio Forensis
    Congregatio Forensis offers practical and academic activities to law students campus life and encourages interest in business and finance related topics.
  • Ebla Student Bookstore
    Student bookstore that sells books secondhand.
  • EDB-gjengen
    Organization for students in Oslo with interest in programming, system administration and networks.
  • Education Students in the Union of Education Norway, at UiO
    The Education Students (ES) in the Union of Education Norway is a politically independent trade union, working to promote the interests of student teachers.
  • ELSA - Oslo
    European Law Students Association – Oslo
  • English Masters Society
    English Masters Society is a student-driven organization aimed for students enrolled in the masters programme in language, literature and area studies at ILOS.
  • Forening for Organisasjonspsykologi (FOP)
    Association for Organizational Psychology
    Medisin- og odontologistudentenes nasjonale forskningskonferanse.
  • IAESTE Oslo
    The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience.
  • Iranian Academics Association in Norway (IRAANO)
    The Iranian Academics Association in Norway (hereafter referred to as IRAANO) is a non-political organization solely created to: 1. Bring together Iranian academics from the Norwegian Community to promote fellowship amongst them through scientific, social and cultural events. 2. Help to connect Iranian scholars, researchers, and students to the Norwegian academic and research centers, institutions, and universities and vice versa. 3. Organize and help to hold domestic and international seminars, workshops and meetings in different fields of science. 4. Introduce Persian language, culture and traditions to the UiO community. 5. Introduce the community to and familiarize it with Islamic culture and thought by sharing the spirit of Islam with Muslims and non-Muslims. 6. Promote unity and joint action among the Muslims on Campus by propagating the true message of Islam using the principles of the holy Quran, the teachings of Prophet Muhammad and his Holy Household and Shia’s beliefs.
  • Jurin
    Juridical information in Groruddalen
  • Jussbuss
    Jussbuss is a legal aid clinic run by Law students at the faculty of Law at the University of Oslo. Jussbuss gives free legal aid to individuals. We give help in areas of immigration Law, prison Law, tenancy Law, labor Law, social welfare Law, environmental Law and in questions concerning debt. In addition, we work politically within the areas that we are specialized in.
  • Korean Studies Student Association
    Studentforening for Korea-studier · 오슬로대학교 한국학회
  • Legal Advice for Women
    Legal Advice for Women
  • Lektorstudentene at UIO
    Lektorstudentene at UiO is the name of the student union for Norsk Lektorlag.
  • Machiavellisk Forun
    We arrange academic lunch meetings, debates and viewings of political film for political science students and whoever must be interested.
  • MAPS
    Mathematics, Algorithms and Programming for Students
  • Marianne
    the French students' association at UiO
  • Mathjelpen
    The Clinical Nutrition Students’ Food Information
  • Medisinernes seksualopplysning Oslo (MSO)
    MSO Oslo is an ideal organization by medical students at the faculty of medicine, University of Oslo, working with sexual health information.
  • Mino.Jur
    Mino.Jur is an organization for minorities at the Faculty of Law. The aim of the organization is to create networks and contacts among minorities, and contribute to professional development.
  • Naturviterne UiO
    Naturviterne is a trade union for everyone with an eduction and degree within the natural sciences.
  • Norwegian Medical Students' Association Oslo
    Norwegian Medical Students' Association (NMSA) is the student body of the Norwegian Medical Association. In addition, it is a non-governmental organisation and the medical students labor union. Norwegian Medical Students' Association Oslo is a local organisation in the main Norwegian Medical Students' Association
  • Norwegian Objectivist Association
    FSO at the University of Oslo is the campus club that studies Ayn Rand's philosophy Objectivism.
  • Oslo Surgical Society
    Society for medical students interested in surgery
  • Psychology Students Without Borders Oslo
    Psychology Students Without Borders (PUG) aims to enhance psychology students' cultural competence, and highlight how psychology can contribute in the face of social challenges.
  • Radical Economic Network - Blindern
    We have chosen to name ourselves Radical Economic Network because we seek to define ourselves on the left side of the politics and give ourselves a common platform. The network is supposed to be a forum for discussion of topics such as the welfare state and its future, financial administration, sustainable development and economic redistribution. We seek to level out the differences to those who use economic arguments to justify right side oriented political solutions. We seek to be a network for students where the goal is not to agree, but to discuss possible solutions and give each other feedback in the economic debate. Our daily work contain hosting Pils with Professor, debates and whatever the board finds interesting. Please inform us with your ideas! ( Like us also on our Facebook-page:
  • Rethinking Economics Blindern
    A local chapter of Rethining Economics Norway, which is a partner in the global organization Rethining Economics.
  • Students' Association of Indology
    Indologisk Studentforening (Students' Association of Indology) offers a variety of events adressing people with interest in the region of South Asia and India in particular.
  • Students' Initiative on Foreign Affairs (SIFA)
    SIFA is a student association by and for students interested in international relations. The association aims to establish a forum where students can learn more about and discuss relevant topics from an interdisciplinary perspective. Hence the name.
  • The german language association
    The student association for those interested in the German language.
  • The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
    The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific Professionals
  • The Oslo Student Society of Emergency Medicine
    We are students who are interested in emergency medicine and we wish to increase interest for this through social and academic means.
  • The Student Council at the Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Vektorprogrammet region Oslo
    Vektorprogrammet lets science students test how it is to be a teacher! We send science students out to different secondary schools in Oslo to help the pupils improving their mathematical skills .
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