Cultural and social events

  • Blindt Ord
    Blind Word is a discussion union that has its home at Blindern
  • Buddy week at the SS-faculty, UiO
    Buddy week at the faculty of social sciences at the University of Oslo
  • Cinema Neuf
    Film society at the Norwegian Students' Society.
  • dagen@ifi
    dagen@ifi is the largest student-driven all-day event at the University of Oslo (UiO) and is held every year at the Institute of Informatics (IFI), the last Thursday in October. The event focuses on computer science, digital and electronic technology, and offers speaches, companies, research groups, contests, stand-up, free breakfast and dinner, along with other forms for entertainment.
  • GalleriNeuf
    A society for anyone who is interested in art and/or in running a gallery.
  • Helga Hele Uka (HHU)
    Helga Hele Uka is a student union and a festival for all students at Helga Engs House/Faculty of Educational Sciences
  • Insomnia
    Insomnia is the psychology student organizer of professional and social events.
  • Justivalen
    Oslo Student Festival, Justivalen, offers you concerts and great fun. The festival will be held in the beginning of September 2017, right by The Faculty of Law.
  • Konsertforeningen Betong
    Arranging concerts at Chateau Neuf.
  • Litteraturfestivalen STED
    Litteraturfestivalen STED is an annual literary festival arranged by students at the University of Oslo who have an interest in literature.
  • Medicinal Winter Games
    Medicinal Winter Games
  • MedLink
    MedLink - the connection between MEDical sciences and the MEDical employers.
  • Startskuddet
    Startskuddet hosts the annual Career day at the Department of Psychology, UiO
  • Students Social Network
    Students Social Network aims to establish meeting places for students
  • The Cultural Committee at The Norwegian Student Society
    Hosts events with a political, academic and cultural focus at Chateau Neuf.
  • the Russian Film club
    To better understand Russian culture and language through films. Create a place where students and others interested in Russia can meet and share their interests.
  • UKA at Blindern
    UKA på Blindern is a student festival with a lot to offer including conserts, revue, academical lectures and stand-up - all with student friendly prices. As a student festival, UKA på Blindern tries to reach out to students with a connection and relation to SiO.
  • Viadukt
    "Viadukt" means bridge in several languages, and our mission is to inspire the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences students (at University of Oslo) to build their own bridge between studies and career. We will arrange monthly events, for example motivational lectures (by inspirational people), courses and theme-nights.
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