Humanitarian societies

  • Amnesty International Blindern
    Amnesty Blindern is a student group working for human rights.
  • Changemaker
    Changemaker's student group in Oslo.
  • Effective Altruism UiO
    EA UiO aims to inspire UiO students to explore how they can use their resources to make the greatest possible difference for others.
  • Future in our hands Oslo student
    Organization concerned with environment and development issues.
  • ICJ - Student
    International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) is an international human rights organization, founded in 1952, with a secretariat based in Geneva. The organization has a norwegian branch, ICJ - Norway, of which ICJ-Student is the student-network.
  • Medical Students' Humanitarian Campaign
    Medical Students' Humanitarian Campaign.
  • Menneskerettighetsuka
    Every year a subgroup of Amnesty International Judicial Studentnetwork(AIJS) arrange a human rights week.
  • Nature and Youth - Oslo Student Group
    Nature and Youth's student group in Oslo.
  • Norwegians People's Aid Solidarity Youth Blindern
    Norwegian People's Aid Solidarity Youth Blindern
  • Pharmacist Without Borders, Student group UiO
    The name reflects that the organization mainly consist of pharmacist with the mission to provide humanitarian help without being limited by a geographical location.
  • PsychAid Oslo
    The Norwegian Psychology Students' Aid Organisation
  • Red Cross Oslo Student Association
    Oslo Red Cross Student Association
  • SAIH - Students and Academics International Assist Fund
    Norwegian Students and Academics International Assistance Fund
  • Spire Oslo
    The Development Fund's Youth Organisation
  • Start UiO
    Start, as in START your own business! We are a student organization for everyone interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and the future after the Norwegian oil adventure!
  • Students in action
    The name "Students in action" aims at the different actions we as students take to create a better world. We are helping the Norwegian Church aid witht their work in the province Faryab in Afghanistan. Through different events and fundraiser are we making it possible for hundreds of Afghan children to get essential education.
  • Students Without Borders
    Students Without Borders is an organization for students at the University og Oslo. Our student foundation were established in September 2011. We are no sub-organization of MSF (Médecins Sans Frontières) but we rely on a mutual and close cooperation with them.
  • The Latin-American Groups of Norway (LAG)
    The Norwegian Solidarity Committee for Latin America (LAG)
  • The Palestine Committee of the University of Oslo
    The Palestine Committee of Blindern is a party-political independant and anti-racist solidarity organization, that promotes the issue of Palestine at The University of Oslo. The association is by, and acting on behalf of the students at the university.
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