Publications and other media

  • Argument magazine
    Argument is a award winning, cross-disciplinary and politically diverse student magazine with a broad profile.
  • bøygen
    A literary periodical
  • Filologen magazine
    - A magazine for students at the Faculty of Humanities
  • Filosofisk supplement
    Filosofisk supplement is a student-run journal associated with the Programme for Philosophy and History of Ideas at the University of Oslo (UiO). The journal is issued four times a year with a print run of 500. Our aims are to serve as a medium for dissemination of philosophy and to contribute to philosophical discussion both at the university and beyond. To these ends we also regularly arrange lectures and other philosophically themed events. For more information:
  • Fortid
    Student journal of history.
  • IFI-Newspaper
    IFI = Department of Informatics
  • Lasso Literary Journal
    The literary journal Lasso is a non-profit journal whose goal is to reach out to students of literature on BA and MA-level.
  • Mål og Makt
    Periodical published by Studentmållaget i Oslo
  • MOLO
    Student journal for the History of Ideas.
  • Nicolay Archaeological Journal
    Nicolay Archaelogical Journal is published by archaeology students at the Department of Archaeology, History and Conservation at the University of Oslo.
  • Oslo Student-TV
    TV by, for and with students.
  • Paragone
    The association publishes an art historical student journal at the University of Oslo.
  • Speilvendt
    Speilvendt is a student magazine from the Institute of Psychology, University of Oslo.
  • Teknovatoren
    To make the TIK-centre a more visible actor at the University and in other relevant forums.
  • The Human Geographer
    Samfunnsgeografen (The Human Geographer") is a magazine for students, staff and the alumni association at the Department of Sociology and Human Geography at the University of Oslo.
  • The Social Scientist
    "The Social Scientist" - student newspaper at the Faculty of Social Sciences.
  • Tvergastein
    The goal of Tvergastein journal is to provide an interdisciplinary outlet for research on issues of environment and sustainable development.
  • Veneficus Magazine
    Veneficus Magazine is a sub-organisation of the student organisation Veneficus at the School of Pharmacy, University of Oslo.
  • Zoon Politikon
    What is Zoon Politikon? Zoon Politikon is an independent student magazine published by the Department of Political Science at the University of Oslo. Zoon Politikon enlighten important issues regarding different political aspects of the world . The journal is published three times a year, once in the fall and two in the spring time. Are you interested in international relations, environmental issues, peace - and conflict studies, or other subjects relating political science or culture? All we require is commitment and the joy of writing!
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