Music and performing arts

  • Akademisk Korforening
    UiO’s official mixed choir
  • A Scalpella
    - Mixed choir for medical, dentist and nutritionist students in Oslo. test
  • Cabaret Intime
    Cabaret Intime is a part of Juristforeningen ("The Jurist Association") at The Faculty of Law and organizes an annual student revue.
  • Chorus Mixtus
    The Law Faculty´s Mixed Choir
  • Corpsus Juris
    The Law Facultys's student band. We play together, travel and try to entertain as much as possible.
  • Dancing Doctors
    Dancinggroup for students of medicine, odontology and nutrition.
  • Den norske Studentersangforening
    The University of Oslo's official male voices choir
  • Glædeskoret Ju§titia
    Girls' choir at the Faculty of Law
  • Grex Vocalis
    Grex Vocalis is latin, and translates to "The Singing Herd"
  • Kling Kokos
    Kling Kokos, Department of Psychologys' own choir at the University of Oslo. Founded 2007
  • Medicinsk Paradeorchæster
    The Medical orchestra is The Medical Faculty's own student orchestra. It is a free and independent student organisation which promotes academic brass music and explores new ways therein. We are the oldest student orchestra in Norway and strive to entertain as many as possible with our music and jolly spirits.
  • Medisinerstudentenes revy
    Traditional revue produced and arranged by students at the Faculty of Medicine, Nutrition and Odontology at the University of Oslo.
  • Morrari
    Norwegian speaking theatre group.
  • Oslo Medical Girls' Choir
    Choir for female students studying either at the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Dentistry at UiO
  • Sangvinerne
    Male voice choir at The Faculty of Medicine
  • Schola Cantorum
    A choir primarily for music students.
  • Studentorchesteret Biørneblæs
    Biørneblæs is the Student-Orchestra at The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. As we now are the only active student orchestra on Campus Blindern, our members come from all over the University!
  • The University Symphony Ochestra Oslo
    The University Symphony Orchestra is an ambitious amateur orchestra associated with the University of Oslo. The orchestra have concerts of their own, in addition to performing at the University's ceremonies.
  • The women's choral society of The University of Oslo
    The official femal choir of the University of Oslo, founded in 1895.
  • UV - revyen
    Create a good student community at the UV-faculty.
  • Vox Humana
    Mixed Chamber Choir - 28 singers with musical and social ambitions.
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