Political societies

  • ATTAC Blindern
    Association for the taxation of financial transaction for the aid of citizens
  • Capitalist party UiO
    the name in Norwegian and english is derived from the name of a capitalist political party in Norway
  • Conservative Students in Oslo
    DKSF is associated with the Norwegian Conservative Party (H√łyre), and the European Democratic Students, EDS.
  • EmmaSofia - Oslo Student Group
    EmmaSofia is a non-profit organization working for evidence-based drug policy, focusing on MDMA and psychedelics. The Student Group has been granted the right to use the name by the head organization.
  • Labour Students Union Oslo
    Because the Labour Students Union Oslo is subordinate to the Oslo Labour Party. It's is currently led by Stian Michalsen as Chairman of the Board and me as Deputy Chairman of the Board.
  • Motmakt Blindern
    Counter Powers student association at Blindern.
  • Nordic Youth Student Organization
    Political and cultural co-operation in the Nordic region.
  • Oslo Green Students
    Oslo Green Students is the Oslo branch of the Norwegian Green Party's student organisation.
  • Students Against the EU Oslo
    Students against the EU Oslo (SmEU) is a party-politically neutral organization who works for democracy, environment and solidarity and we see that Norway should stay out of the EU because of this.
  • Students of the Socialist Left Party
    Socialist Left Party of Norway
  • The Red Partys Student Group
    The Red Party
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