Societies at programmes

  • Association of Physics Students
    We organize parties, small (outdoor) barbeques, movie nights, popular lectures and business presentations. Sometimes we even go on a field trip. Welcome!
  • Byråkratene
    Student association of The Public Administration and Management Study Programme.
  • Centrum
    “Centrum” is often defined as the core or a meeting point. The name is guiding for what the organization do: We aim to be a meeting point between the students and the companies.
  • Chinese Studies Student Association
    Chinese Studies Student Association is an association intended for students at the bachelorsprogram Chinese and China-studies, but also Chinese Society and Politics (master).
  • Digitus
    The aim of Digitus is to foster academic competence within the fields of the DigØk, as well as contribute to strengthen the social environment in the study program and in the institute and faculty
    ENTRY’s purpose is to promote the Innovation and Entrepreneurial field among the students at Innovation and Entrepreneurship study program.
  • History Students Association
    The History Students Association is a social and academic union of history students at the University of Oslo, IAKH.
  • Lektorprogrammets Studentforening (LeP)
    Social organisation for teacher students.
  • LI:ST
    Student Committee of Informatics: Language Technology
  • Lingvistisk Studentforening
    Student society for students at the linguistic programme at the University of Oslo.
  • Menageriet
    - Student society for the “Material Science and Nanotechnology” programme.
  • Mikro
    Student organization for Robotics and Intelligent Systems
  • Peace and Conflict Studies Student Council
    We are the Peace and Conflict Studies Student Council (at the Social Science Department).
  • Political Science Student's link to the work life.
    We work to promote political scientists in the public sector and the private sector and to make students of political science more aware of what we can do.
  • ProgNett
    Society for students at the bachelor- and master programmes Informatics: Programming and networks
  • Programutvalget for Russisk
    The name is derived from the Society's function as a representative for students studying Russian.
  • SERIous Studentunion
    This is the studentunion for students at the Norwegian research centre for computers and law (NRCCL).
  • Souperaadet
    Soupérådet organizes social events for Political Science students (at the BA level), such as parties and cabin trips. Contact if interested.
  • Student Association for Biological Sciences
    The Bioscience student council is the link between students and administration at the Department of Biosciences. We organize social and academic events, such as lectures, excursions and debates.
  • Student Association for Electronics
    We are an organisation for students at the Electronics and Computer Technology program, but also for students interested in electronics.
  • Student association for students of International Studies
    We are the association of students at the International Studies Program at the University of Oslo
  • Student committee for ancient culture and classical languages
    The Student committee for ancient culture and classical languages is a student-run organisation, working to protect the interests of students following courses on classical languages and culture.
  • Student council, Public administration and leadership
    The council is responsible to maintain the academic interests of the students on "public administration and leadership" and is the link between the students and the faculty leaders.
  • Student council at MN
    Student council for Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
  • Student council for Culture and Communication
    The council works towards creating a better environment for the students attending the program.
  • Student council for development studies UIO
    Our goal is to create social and academic activities for the students other than those organized by the institute to increase well-being, strengthen affiliation to the studies and prevent dropout.
  • Student Council for Middle East Studies
    Our main task is to protect the interests of the students in the program Midtøsten-studier, as well to arrange social and academic-related events and activities for the students.
  • Student council for museology and cultural heritage studies
    The purpose of FMK is to help create a better social and academic environment for any student connected to, or interested in, museology and cultural heritage studies.
  • Terra
    A group coordinating social activities for students at the Department of Human Geography.
  • The Physics Students Union
    The Physics Students Union [PSU] represents students at the Department of Physics [DoP].
  • the student council of art history
    The Student Council of Art History at the University of Oslo.
  • The Student Society at Health Management and Health Economics
    Student society at the Health Economics and Health Management Programme
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