Student cabins

  • Hoppeseter (Juristforeningens Hyttestyre)
    Hoppeseter is a student cabin that the Law Society rent to external and internal stakeholders. The cabin is managed by the Law Society´s Hyttestyre (a cabin board).
  • KSI-cabin
    KSI cabin is one of the two student cabin owned by The Oslo Sudents' Sports Club (OSI). It is located near “Slaktern” and the lake Blankvann and right next to Nordmarkskapellet
  • Nordmarkskapellet - The chapel in the forest
    Nordmarkskapellet - The chapel in the forest
  • Småbruket
    Småbruket is a student cabin owned by Blindern Studenterhjem located in Eiksmarka. The cabin is rented out for all who want to rent the cabin.
  • The Student cabin
    The Student cabin is a cabin nearby Blankvann i Nordmarka, north of Oslo. The cabin shall be an attractive offer for students and OSI-members
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