Student cabins

Anyone can rent a student cabin. The cabins are run by various student associations and you must contact the individual cabin to see if it is vacant.

  • Law Faculty's Cabin Board
    Hoppeseter is a student cabin that the Law Society rents to external and internal renters. The cabin is managed by the Law Society´s Hyttestyre (a cabin board).
  • Nordmarkskapellet - The chapel in the forest
    Nordmarkskapellet - The chapel in the forest
  • Småbruket
    Småbruket is a student cabin owned by Blindern Studenterhjem located in Eiksmarka. The cabin is rented out for all who want to rent the cabin.
  • The Student cabin
    The Student cabin is a cabin nearby Blankvann i Nordmarka, north of Oslo. The cabin shall be an attractive offer for students and OSI-members. OSI owns the cabin.
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