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International Bachelor's degree admission.

You are not considered an international applicant if you are:

  • A Nordic citizen (including double/dual citizenship).
  • An applicant residing in Norway including Au-Pairs and applicants with a Norwegian address.

Nordic applicants and applicants residing in Norway, must apply for Bachelor's studies through the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service (NUCAS). For more information, please see admission for applicants residing in Norway.

The application and documentation deadline is 1 February:

  • Register your application at the University of Oslo's online application system from 1 December.
  • We do not accept applications sent by ordinary mail.
  • We do not accept documentation after 1 February.
  • Upload your documents (including the English test result) by 1 February.
  • Documents uploaded after the application deadline will not be considered.
  • Your applications results will be announced i the middle part of April.
  • How to apply

Applicants completing their secondary education in the Spring/Summer (after 1 February) are not eligible to apply.

If the basic entrance requirement includes one year of university education, the 1 February deadline also applies for documentation of one full year of university education (or two years for some countries).

Bachelor's programmes are taught in Norwegian

  • The language of instruction is Norwegian.
  • Admitted students must successfully complete the mandatory 1-year Norwegian language course (Autumn and Spring) before they start the 3-year Bachelor's degree program.
  • 40 selected programmes are offered to international applicants (semester start in August only). Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy and Business studies are not offered to international applicants.
  • You can choose 3 programmes as your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice.
  • The Norwegian language course is included free of charge if admitted to a Bachelor's program.

Only a total of 60 places are available and admission is competitive.

Tuition fees, financing and scholarships

  • The University of Oslo is a publicly funded state university with no tuition fees.
  • Non EU applicants must document their financial ability to stay in Norway, please see Documentation of financing.
  • Scholarships are not available for Bachelor's degree studies.

Application privacy and authorization

  • The Norwegian Personal Data Act states that the University of Oslo is unable to give out personal information to third parties. Unless written consent is provided, the applicant must personally contact us.
  • If the applicant is represented by someone else, a written consent signed by the applicant is required including a copy of the passport ID-page.
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