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Digital examination for students at the Faculty of Law

Beginning autumn 2017, exams in courses from the Faculty of Law will be conducted both in the Faculty and in UiO's premises in Silurveien 2. The Inspera exam system is used at Silurveien 2.

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Examination at Silurveien 2 and Inspera

Examinations at the Faculty of Law

Where do I take the exam?

The duration of your school exam is the deciding factor:

  • School exams lasting 4 hours or less and the juridical oral exam topics are conducted at Silurveien 2
  • School exams lasting longer than 4 hours are conducted in the premises of the Faculty of Law.

On the semester's pages for the courses and in the Student web, you will find information about where exactly your exam will be conducted.

Is this the first time you will be sitting for an exam at Silurveien 2?

Transition to Inspera and Silurveien 2

Within a few years all school exams will be conducted in the UiO's premises in Silurveien 2. But in a transitional period, some subjects will still have exams in the premises of the Faculty of Law, in the faculty’s own exam system.

Beginning in spring 2018, Inspera will be used for all school exams,irrespective of where the exam is conducted.

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