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Submitting assignments and home exams in Inspera

Remember that your assignment must follow the rules for use of sources and citations.

Information meetings

The faculties arrange information meetings. At the information meeting you will receive important information about examinations in Inspera, and the system will be demonstrated.

Complete a demo test

You may test to upload a file in Inspera before your examination by going to "Demo tests".

Find your assignment text

You find your assignment text in Inspera unless you have been told otherwise.

  • Log in to Inspera with Feide using your UiO-username and password.
  • Find your examination under “My tests”.
  • Choose "Click here to get ready" and "Start the test".

Guide to submitting assignments in Inspera

1. Save your assignment

Save your assignment in PDF-format unless you have been told otherwise.

2. Login

You log in to Inspera with Feide using your UiO-username and password.

Log in to Inspera

    3 Submission

    When you submit your assignment you will either be able to submit immediately (3a) or the assignment will be automatically submitted on the deadline (3b).

    3a. Submit now

    • Find your examination under "My tests"
    • Choose "Click here to get ready" and "Start the test"
    • Choose "Select file to upload" and locate the file you intend to submit
    • Navigate to the submission page and choose "Submit now"

    3b. Auto submission

    Find your examination under "My tests".

    If nothing has been saved to your submission, you will see the information: «You have not attempted any questions and your answers will not be submitted.” (see image).

    • Choose "Click here to get ready" and "Start the test"
    • Choose "Select file to upload" and locate the file you intend to submit

    When you have uploaded a file, you can see that the file has successfully uploaded and the time it was uploaded.

    You may preview the file by downloading it, and you may remove or replace the file. Please note that if you have not uploaded a file and your submission is empty on the deadline, it will not be submitted.

    Image: File was successfully uploaded

    If you move forward, you will see that you have answered and that it will be automatically submitted (see image).

    You may re-open the test and edit the submission. This is possible until the deadline, and gives you the opportunity to edit your submission an unlimited number of times until the deadline. 

    Until the deadline you will find the information: "Your answers are saved. When the test closes, your answers will be automatically submitted" under "My tests" (see image).

    Once the deadline is reached the file is automatically submitted. 

    4. Archive

    Go to "Archive" to find a confirmation that your assignment has been submitted. 

    For most examinations you will also find a copy of your assignment once the deadline has expired. Choose "See more details" to find your submission.


      Contact the faculty's information centre.


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