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The student housing is administered by the Student Welfare Organization in Oslo and Akershus (SiO). All International students can apply for housing through SiO Housing.

Housing application deadline

  • 1 June for students starting their studies in the autumn semester.
  • 1 November for students starting their studies in the spring semester.

If you have missed the deadline, we recommend that you still apply as soon as possible.

Housing guarantee

What type of housing is included in the housing guarantee?

International students are guaranteed a furnished single room. All furnished rooms include a bed, closet, desk, chair, bookshelf, and table.

Please note that a family or couple apartment is not included in the guarantee and can not be expected to be provided from the beginning of your stay due to very limited availability. This means that you can expect to be on a waiting list for a very long time (can take up to one year).

International students with housing guarantee

The following groups of international students are in principle guaranteed housing (single room) provided they apply online by the given deadline:

  • Exchange students (bachelor and master level) admitted for studies for one or two semesters.
  • International students who apply for bachelor's degree programmes by 1 February, and receive admission in April/May.
  • International students who apply for master's degree programmes by 1 December and receive admission in April/May.
  • Quota Scheme students who apply for master's degree or phd programmes by 1 December and receive admission in April/May.
  • EU students* who apply for master's degree programmes by 1 March and receive admission in end of April.
  • The age limit of 35 does not apply when you have housing guarantee.

*This does not include Nordic students and international students residing in Norway.


Tenancy contract

  • Tenancy contracts are as a rule issued for entire semesters
  • The autumn semester is from 1 August to 31 December
  • The spring semester is from 1 January  - 31 July
  • Tenancy contracts will be sent to your MyPage together with instructions for paying the housing deposit.

Please note that if you move out before the set dates, you must give 2 months notice.

You are only guaranteed housing the first time you arrive. It is not possible to terminate your contract and then get guaranteed housing again.

Housing deposit

All students who rent housing must pay a deposit. This deposit will be returned to you after you have moved out, providing there is no damage to the room or its furnishings, that it has been properly cleaned, and all rent has been paid.

All students must pay the deposit before arrival in Norway with the exception of:

  • Quota Scheme students
  • NOMA students
  • Some scholarship programme students

These students should pay the housing deposit after arrival and within the given deadline.


Guidelines to applying for housing

Online application

  • When you apply, even if the room you want is not available, choose the room anyway as it may be available when you arrive.
  • Sogn and Kringsjå are the largest, have the most international students, and are more likely to have available rooms.
  • You need to use your date of birth in the format of ddmmyy in the area labelled “Norwegian identity number”.
  • Remember to write ALL your first names (prénom) and family/surnames (nom de famille) exactly as was used on your admissions application.
  • You will receive an email with a 11 digits code when the application is accepted by SiO. Use this code to register as a user on My Page

Accept your offer

  • Always accept your offer from SiO, even if you prefer a different room or student village. If all the choices are full, SiO will assign you to a room in a student village where there are available rooms.
  • If you decline the housing offer, you will no longer be given priority in the housing queue.
  • You can always ask to move to another room or village after you have moved in.


Special needs

  •  If you have special housing needs (due to the use of a wheelchair,visual impairment etc.), please contact SiO Housing

Notify SiO Housing if:

  • you arrive in Oslo more than two weeks later than indicated on your application, to avoid cancellation of the room.
  • you arrive outside opening hours.


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