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Norwegian language courses

International students at the University of Oslo can apply for Norwegian language courses.

Who can apply

How to apply

  • Sign up for the Norwegian language courses on the StudentWeb within the given deadline.
  • The deadline for spring 2015: Thursday 15 January (midnight)

During the Orientation Week for new international students there will be an Information Meeting and Registration Help for the Norwegian language courses.

Placement test

  • Students with prior knowledge of the Norwegian language should take the placement test to see if they qualify to join a more advanced Norwegian class.

For more information about the Norwegian language courses in general, how to apply for admission or questions about classes and exams, please contact the Department of Linguistics and Scandinavian Studies.

Norwegian language requirements for self-financing bachelor degree students

The following applies to only students accepted to a Bachelor Degree Programme in Norwegian, not to degree programmes in English.

Passing level 3 or the Bergens test

  • In order to start a study programme you must have fulfilled the Norwegian language requirements by passing level 3 (NORINT0130) of the University Norwegian language test, or the advanced level of the Bergens test.
  • International students who have not already passed such a test will have a place reserved for them in the Norwegian language course comprised of:
    • Norwegian language (NORINT0110, NORINT0120, NORINT0130) and
    • Norwegian life and society (NORINT0500)
  • The course goes over two semesters and is a full time course (60 credits in total).

Please note that you must complete the Norwegian language requirements within one academic year. This is due to the Norwegian Immigration Authorities regulations which do not allow for delays in the Norwegian courses.


Published May 14, 2010 10:47 AM - Last modified Jan 28, 2015 11:32 AM