Learning outcomes

When you have completed a Master degree in chemistry, you have acquired skills and knowledges that make you well prapared for a career as a chemist or further studies at ph.d. level.

New Learning outcomes for students attending this study programme from fall 2018

Learning outcome for students attending this study programme 2017 or earlier

Target knowledge and understanding

  • You have advanced knowledge within a chosen field in chemistry, encompassing scientific theory and methods.
  • You can apply this expertise to new problems and challenges in the field.

Target skills

You can

  • work independently on a large project
  • structure both practical work and written material.
  • think in a systematic and scientific manner.
  • solve problems of both a theoretical and practical nature.
  • apply knowledge independently in order to define and solve new problems.
  • communicate research results in both spoken and written forms in a precise and successful manner.
  • approach a variety of information sources analytically and critically.

Other competencies

When you have completed the master program in chemistry, you can reflect over central ethical and scientific problems related to your own and other people's work. You have developed your professional curiosity and gained understanding and respect for scientific values such as openness, precision, reliability and the importance of being able to discern facts from opinions.

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