This programme no longer admits students

Learning outcomes

General learning outcomes

• In-depth knowledge of a broad range of methods and techniques for analysis and problem solving within relevant fields of study.
• Good theoretical insight and the ability to apply theory to the development of methods and techniques for problem solving.

Target knowledge and understanding

• In-depth knowledge within a limited primary field covered by the programme.
• In-depth knowledge in fields adjacent to your chosen focus.
• Understanding of the connection between the description of a concrete problem and the mathematical model that describes it.

Target skills

• The ability to approach a complicated problem, reveal structures and clarify problems, discover suitable analytical and/or numerical solution methods and interpret solutions.
• Good practical skills in the use of relevant programming tools.
• The ability to collaborate with other academic specialists, including specialists from other disciplines.
• The ability to express yourself in a precise, academic manner in both spoken and written Norwegian and English.
• The ability to make active use of existing literature in order to gain insight into the work of others and support your own specific problems.
• The ability to conduct an independent evaluation of a mathematical model's suitability in the context of a specific problem.

Published June 6, 2012 10:00 AM